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Before i install the product, what is the most important thing to prepare onsite?

Please look at the user manual for that product. In general, you need to prepare the neutral, live at the wall box. Secondly, it is important to have room enough in the wall box to install the product. We would recommend at least 50mm deep wall box. Because in many cases, you will find some wires inside the wall box and those wires occupy lots of space !!


請看看該產品的用戶手冊。 一般情況下,你需要準備零線在牆盒中。其次,有足夠的空間在牆盒,這對於安裝產品是非常重要的。我們建議至少50毫米深的牆盒。因為在很多情況下,你會發現牆盒裡面有一些電線過路,佔用大量的空間!

I installed Citygrow's wireless product for over 2 years and it runs perfectly. Recently, i would like to add a control panel at my bedside and so i can control some lighting circuits and "all off" when i am on bed. But, i have no way to dig a new hole on my bedside wall!

In this case, you can select CG120 series, it runs on battery for a year life time. You just put it on top of bedside cabinet or stick it on the board or using the provided metal clip to mount it on bedside wall. Then, program the buttons function through HomeNet planner software.



Can citygrow's dimmer dim the LED bulb?

Yes, you must be careful to select " dimmable LED lamp and driver" before they are connected to Citygrow's dimmer. Citygrow's dimmer is triac type leading edge dimmer. Please select the LED lamp and driver to match for it. If you select 0-10V dimming type LED driver, you need to buy the 0-10V dimming interface CG400FL to drive it.


可以的,它們連接到Citygrow的調光器之前,你一定要小心選擇“可調光LED燈和驅動器”。 Citygrow的調光器是前沿調光器。請選擇LED燈和驅動器以配合它。 如果選擇0-10V調光型LED驅動器,你需要購買0-10V調光接口CG400FL。

I am using CG102IR ZigBee IR transmitter to control my TV, audio, A/C and speaker. It works fine over the last three years. Recently, i buy a new split-type air-conditioner, i just want to learn the On/Off, fan speed and temp high/mid/low function from the original remote. After i finished the learning procedures, i found my iPhone can only control the ON, it cannot control OFF. Or, it can only control fan speed High, it cannot control fan speed mid or low. What goes wrong?

We believe your original remote button can send multiple different codes in cyclic order ! So, if you only learn once for a single button, your iPhone will only send the same code all the time. That's why it only controls "ON". In this case, for example the ON/OFF button, you learn the "ON" function first, and then give a button name in your iPhone..... A/C ON. Then, you learn again this same button and then give it a name on your iPhone ... A/C OFF. Please do the same in learn the fan speed High/Mid/Low and the Temp High/Mid/Low.

我使用 CG102IR的ZigBee紅外線發射器來控制我的電視,音響,A/ C和揚聲器。它在過去三年工作正常。最近,我買一個新的分體式空調器,我只是想從原來的遙控學習開/關,風扇轉速和溫度高/中/低 當我完成學習過程,我發現我的iPhone只能控制開,就無法控制關。或者,它也只能控制風扇速度高,它不能控制風扇速度中間還是低。 有什麼不對?

我們相信,你原來的遙控器按鈕,可以循環順序發送多個不同的代碼! 所以,如果你只有一個單一按鈕一次學習,你的iPhone將只發送相同的代碼間。這就是為什麼它只能控制“ON”。 在這種情況下,例如ON / OFF按鈕,你先學習“ON”功能,然後在你的iPhone..... A / C ON給一個按鈕名稱。然後,你再學習同樣的按鈕,然後把它在你的iPhone...的A / C名稱 OFF. 請做同樣的學習風扇轉速高/中/低,溫度高/中/低。

I want to use citygrow's product to control electric curtain. What type of curtain i should purchase?

To control electric curtain, you may select CG100S2-CCP, CG110S2-CCP, CG800S2-CCP, CG400S2-CCP. For the electric curtain, the cloth is not our concern, the most important is that "3 wires AC motor type" electric curtain should be selected. For the wiring method, please refer to user manual of that product, you can download it in Citygrow's website.


控制電動窗簾,您可以選擇CG100S2-CCP,CG110S2-CCP,CG800S2-CCP,CG400S2-CCP。 對於電動窗簾布,不是我們所關心的,最重要的是,“三線交流電機型”電動窗簾馬達。 對於接線方法,請參閱該產品的用戶手冊,您可以在Citygrow的網站上下載。