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Sometimes, when i push the button on a panel, it takes too long time to execute .......... to switch on all the lamps i preset in the scene setting?

It seems that one or two or some of the lamps control is out of control range or close to the wireless control distance limit. This will happen especially when the ZigBee devices location is blocked/ shielded by big metal/ thick wall or too far away. You can look at the effect to see "which" lamp is the "bottle neck" and find out the switch/dimmer/module locations for it. Then try to add a new ZigBee device between the ZigBee wireless path. You may add a ZigBee module, switch, panel, or AC adaptor CG100AS for example. The newly added ZigBee device will bridge the wireless path in this limited case.


這似乎是有一個或兩個或一些燈控的無線距離超出了限制。 或當ZigBee設備的位置被阻塞/被大金屬/厚壁屏蔽或太遠。 你可以看一下“瓶頸”在哪一個燈,找出開關/調光器/模塊的位置吧。然後嘗試加入新的ZigBee設備在原來的ZigBee設備之間。您可以添加一個ZigBee模塊,開關,面板,或AC適配器CG100AS。新添加的ZigBee設備將路由/抗展原來的無線路徑。

Can i use Citygrows dimmer to drive a fan?

No, Citygrow's dimmer is only for dimming the "dimmable lamp and driver".



What is a panel? I always see in Citygrow's website saying about a panel.

In Citygrow's language, a panel means a keypad that can control the loads but the loads are not connected to the panel. The loads are connected to other Citygrow's "switch" or "dimmer". For example the switch can be CG400S1, CG110S2. The Panel looks like a light switch, but it works only as a "remote control" and it is mounted on the wall. The Panel "talks" with the switch and the dimmers.

什麼是面板?我總是在Citygrow的網站上看到 "面板".

在Citygrow的語言,一個面板就是一個鍵盤,可以控制負載,但負載沒有連接到面板上。 負載連接到其他Citygrow的“開關”或“調光器”。例如,開關可以CG400S1,CG110S2。 面板看起來像一個電燈開關,但是它只能作為一個“遙控器”,它是安裝在牆壁上。

What if i select a CG110 series switch, but i do not connect the loads to it. I just use this CG110 to work as a control panel. Is it OK?

Yes, you just use HomeNET planner software to set up for this application. This is a common application.



Do the Switch and Dimming modules have any kind of protections such as short circuit or overload protection?

Switch and Dimming modules contain fuses to prevent short circuits and overloading from occuring. Since it is done by internal fuse and is not recommended to be replaced by end user.