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Is there any installating surge arrestors to protect devices against switching surge, including AC supply variation or natural causes?

We have the arrestor protection circuit within the module and the maximum surge voltage is AC 275Vrms (according to IEC standard). Please note that the protection circuit is designed to protect the internal circuit of the module only.



What type of dimmer is the CG400DM? Is it leading edge, trailing edge, or universal dimmer? Also, what is the minimum load handling capacity and maximum load capacity for resistive, inductive of electrical load?

The type of our CG400DM is a leading edge dimmer. The minimum load capacity for resistive load is 5W, inductive load is 400VA and capacitive load is 200VA. Please note that, the inductive load is referring to the wire wound transformer type for low voltage halogen lamp.



Can we use the CG400DM Dimmer as a motorised load for speed regulation? If so, what is the maximum load?

The CG400DM was designed for lighting control and the characteristic for inductive load is referring to the wire wound transformer. It is not recommended to use the CG400DM for motor control applications.



In a three-phase installation situation, if the "Neutral" line becomes loose and goes missing resulting in a voltage of approximately 440V AC, then in this circumstance, then can the device withinstand this high voltage for a long period of time? What kind of protection should we use to prevent this type of fault from occuring?

Under such circumstance, when a low impedance device (high power devices) on one of the three phases is turned ON, a very high voltage will apply to the high impedance devices (chargers, our light switches in OFF state or No loading) on the other two phases because it is an unbalance system. All the high impedance devices (not only our light switches) will be damaged. To avoid this situation, the only way is to ensure the robustness of the Neutral wiring.



Zigbee works on the IEEE802.15.4 standard,therefore if other manufacturers have products that use the same standard, then can we use these products with CityGrow?

The IEEE802.15.4 standard is a MAC layer standard for peer-to-peer communication。The comaptibility of different products from different manufacturers depends on the design of not only the MAC layer standard, but also both communication protocol stack and application layer. Therefore we must know which product that you desire to integrate with our system before we can answer the question.