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How secure is the Zigbee network?Is it possible for third parties to hack/access the network from outside?

Data transmission in the Zigbee network is protected by a 128-bit AES data encryption. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to break through this security.



In an open area, the signal range is 100m. I would like to know what is the range for a practical surrounding such as an closed environment

It is difficult to measure the operation range within a well structured building, because the attenuation of radio signal depends on the building structure, material, furniture, cable trunking, water pipe, etc. ZigBee is designed to provide the mesh network connections between different devices under a distributed installation infrastructure and therefore the network size/communication distance can be extended. In our experience, within a house, say four floors with each 200m square per floor, two or three hops of ZigBee module (evenly distributed installation) can cover the hole area of one floor. Also, the modules are able to communicate between each of the floors.



Can we control devices from smartphones and tablets?

Yes, we currently support iPhone, iPad and Android systems.



In order to extend the range and reliability of the Zigbee network, which ZigBee device should we use as an access point?

Our ZigBee system does not define an specific access point, and therefore all our devices can be used as routers to increase communication paths and extend the range and reliability of the ZigBee network.



Do these devices transfer data in an omni directional pattern?

Yes, all our devices are equipped with omni directional atennas.