CG500CT-XX - Current transformer -

CG500CT-XX-Current transformer-Current measurement



Series: CG500

Current transformer

Current measurement

  • Features:
  • Working with Citygrow's CG504EMU Energy Manager for current measurement
  • CG500CT1-30A,30-60A,60-100A,100-200A, 200-400A
  • CG500CT400-600A, 600-800A, 800-1000A
  • Current Measurement
  • Electrical load monitoring
  • Energy and sub-metering products
  • Network equipment
  • Instruments and sensors
  • Control systems
  • Go GREEN initiative
  • Frequency 50Hz to 400Hz
  • Output current 20mA
  • ANSI.C57.13 and IEC60044-1 Standards
NameDescriptionVersionLast UpdateLink
CG500CT-XX product specificationProduct specification (English Version)1.126 Apr,2018Download
CG500CT400-600A SpecificationSpecification (English Version)1.126 Apr,2018Download
CG500CT600,800,1000A SpecificationProduct specification(English Version)1.126 Apr,2018Download
CG504EMU-V1 Product SpecificationProduct Specification (English version)1.119 Jun,2018Download