Idea Gallery for Commercial -

Idea Gallery for Commercial

  • Restaurant and retail store
    Lighting plays a critical role in any restaurant and retail store business. With proper lighting styles, creating a relaxing and pleasant environment, customers will be easily impressed by the cozy atmosphere and consume more than all of us expected.

    In retail store, spotlighting on featured products or newly-launched items projects an eye-catching effect; customers will more easily be fascinated and eventually purchase the goods without any prior consideration. With ZigBeeNET 2000 wireless automation system, store owner can rearrange spotlighting areas, or change lighting mood to suit periodical festivals atmosphere flexibly. Efficacious use of lighting in retail business, efficiently increases sale profit and reduces energy expenses.

    In restaurant setting, brilliant lighting is inevitable at kitchens; energy consumption becomes a crucial consideration for restaurant owners. Citygrow’s ZigBeeNET 2000 smartly contributes in profit-making with attraction of different scenes performance, and also saves energy consumption for dining business. Dimmed lighting in common area with spotlighted on each table brings a relaxing and romantic ambiance pleases consumers with higher appetite and joy. Programmed with different lighting scenarios, saves energy power for bright lighting at all time, in all areas; and most importantly, attracts consumers revisiting the restaurant because of the memorable enjoyment of the perfect atmosphere.

    Citygrow's ZigBeeNET 2000 wireless automation system can be easily installed and operated in any retail store and restaurant business. Over 20 lighting or other device circuits can be mastered with only one wall mount panel, set with different scenes, such as "Morning", "Afternoon", "Evening" and "Party" !