News - Citygrow Home Automation System, your ultimate partner to indulge your sense of enjoyment in Smart Home Technology -

News - Citygrow Home Automation System, your ultimate partner to indulge your sense of enjoyment in Smart Home Technology

5 August,2016
Citygrow Home Automation System, your ultimate partner to indulge your sense of enjoyment in Smart Home Technology
In the past two decades, continuous development on home automation system has transformed it from ideas only applied in science fictions or movies to being applicable to our recent daily lives. Imagine taking full control of every aspect of all your home devices with simply a single touch of a smart button, all your lightings, curtains, air-conditioners, audio devices and any other devices wisely switched to your desired mode. Smart home technology offers you an unbelievable lifestyle with enormous sense of enjoyment.
Living with smart home system, you can personalize the scene features and operate a series of devices effortlessly through your mobile phone. Welcoming yourself home by creating a cozy environment with preferred curtain and air-conditioning set-up is just simple. A single sleep-mode button wisely dims the lights and switches the air-conditioners to your desired climate control preference forming a perfect atmosphere for your sweet dreams. Citygrow’s Home Automation System provides you convenient solutions to change scene modes or restore to the default setting by just one single click. This reliable smart system compatible with multiple sensors and cameras also protects your home as your private security guard. Any unusual motions will be immediately alerted and notified on your electronic devices. View your home through your mobile devices wherever you are through the live camera connected to the smart system.

Home automation had been a fascinating idea for decades. However, the complicated integration and installation procedures of traditional home automation system come up with highly expensive installation costs reduced its attraction in the market. After years of research and development, Citygrow has innovated the ZigBee Wireless Automation System which utilizes 2.4GHz wireless transmission allowing more effective data communication over far distances via mesh networks in comparing with point-to-point protocol. The new system resolves the mass wiring installation issue and efficiently improves the whole performance with substantially reduced costs. This new system is also applicable for installation taken place in complicated multi-storey buildings or other limited environment.

Overview the Advantages operating through Wireless Mesh Networks:

1. Extra wiring is not required during installation reduces the limitations for interior design and allows more creation possibilities to suit the owner’s taste.

2. Costs saved on simplified installation procedures and hardware for extra wiring.

3. Each device incorporated into the system communication through wireless mesh network saves additional physical and financial burden for an extra centralized device.

4. Maximize flexibility for system expansion since individual devices can be communicated through the wireless networks. Users can add new devices like control panels, control modules, whenever it’s needed.

5. Citygrow considers the compatibility for users still operating with conventional system. Simply replace the mechanical switches with the Citygrow ZigBee light switch to step forward into your smart home.

6. Installation with optimized system planning including lighting, curtain, air-conditioning controls and more, Citygrow Home Automation System only cost about one fifth of the traditional systems.

Wireless network communication has been well-developed nowadays and Citygrow Home Automation System is well-established under years of meticulous research and examinations. With solely developed software solutions and hardware production lines, Citygrow successfully founded in the market. The optimization of wireless communication technology apparently enhanced the effect in against interference and security threats. Each single device of the system can operate independently with its in-built data transmit function, Citygrow’s Home Automation System is your reliable partner to enjoy your smart life.

Easy installation, highly expansible, widely compatible with solid dependable techniques and functions, Citygrow’s Home Automation System is definitely your smart choice for your smart home.