CG500CO2 - ZigBee CO2 Sensor -

CG500CO2-ZigBee CO2 Sensor-Detect CO2 level



Series: CG500

ZigBee CO2 Sensor

Detect CO2 level

  • Support ZigBee wireless remote data transmission for central HA system.
  • Based on IEEE 802.15.4.
  • 2.4GHz radio frequency.
  • Detect CO2 level and send ZigBee wireless signal
  • For energy management use.
  • For air quality measurement use.
  • CO2 range 0 to 10000ppm( Estimation)
  • Sampling and transmission rates are configurable
  • Software programmable alert status
  • Powered by AC220V
  • Wall mount design
  • Dimension: 86 x 117 x 41 mm
  • Color available : Grey
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