CG802RCU - SKYNET 3000 RCU -

CG802RCU-SKYNET 3000 RCU-Room control unit RCU 450x365x80mm



Series: CG802


Room control unit RCU 450x365x80mm

  • Working with Keycard holder
  • Housekeeping Service Panel ( Do Not Disturb/ Make Up Room)
  • Lighting Control with scene function
  • Lighting Control with dimming function
  • Air-conditioning Control with our customizable Thermostat CG100HTH
  • Fan Control
  • Curtain Control
  • Remote Control for TV
  • Movement sensor
  • Networking to Central Monitoring System
  • Automatic room energy saving with user programmable setback control
  • FCU control, welcome mode, occupied mode, unoccupied setback mode, not rented unoccupied setback control
  • Multiple setback control points for maximum energy saving
  • Optional for online monitoring and control for maximum room energy
  • Cost saving with compromise to guest comfort
  • Automatic sleep mode temperature control for optimum guest comfort and energy saving
  • ** All features descripted in this document are optional for selection on project base **
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