Products - Audio/Video Control -

Citygrow provides home automation control systems, hotel room control units (RCU) systems, commercial automation control systems and utilities automatic meter reading (AMR) systems.

Audio/Video Control
  • Infra-red control
  • Learning function provide an easy way to input the control commands from your original IR remote.
  • RS232 interface control is supported
  • Centralize audio, video, home appliance, lighting, blinds, A/C and home security into single controller.
  • Supported by Citygrow’s home automation app HomeNET.
  • Audio and video equipment can be included into scene settings which provide convenient way for user to switch on a series of equipment, lamps and curtains by a single touch of a control button.
  • ZigBee wireless signal is converted to Infra-red signal to control the traditional home appliances such as AV equipment and television.
  • High speed control and easy to install