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Citygrow provides home automation control systems, hotel room control units (RCU) systems, commercial automation control systems and utilities automatic meter reading (AMR) systems.

Climate Control
  • Replaces existing thermostat.
  • Thermostat with high, mid, low fan speed control.
  • Display current temperature or presetted temperature.
  • Infra-red remote type A/C control available.
  • VRV type A/C control available.
  • Fan coil type A/C control available.
  • Create energy-saving schedules using HomeNet App provided by Citygrow.
  • Wired temperature sensor connection for remote indoor or outdoor sensor.
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit versions available.
  • Communicates with CG401S5-FCU Fan Coil Control Switch Module that saving a lot of cost and time for installation.
  • Include temperature control in lighting “scene” settings to automatically adjust temperature that fit for your desired scenarios.
  • Control temperature from keypads, sensors, mobile devices and third-party control systems through RS232 or IP protocol command sets of Citygrow.
  • Easy installation.