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Citygrow provides home automation control systems, hotel room control units (RCU) systems, commercial automation control systems and utilities automatic meter reading (AMR) systems.

EAMI System for Electricity Utility
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system can be seen as an evolution of the AMR technology. Metering data collected not solely for satisfying utility companies’ requirements but extended to households, for smartly monitoring ones’ time-of-use pricing information, energy consumption pattern and history, aiming to save energy usage and household expenses. The AMI system allows households remotely access to home devices, disconnecting power for unnecessary appliance. Customers notify their resources consumption will reduce unnecessary usage to ease the current burden of the worldwide shortage in non-renewable energy. The electricity companies can effectively monitor the energy demands with AMI system, most importantly in peak periods.

With support of CityGrow’s AMI system, utility supply parties can more accurately allocate scarce resources to areas that have more demand. AMI technology integrated with smart meters, data management and integration of software management benefit to both resource providers and customers and to worldwide environment.

AMI system transforms existing Electrical Grids to Smart Grids, gathering and corresponding to users’ consumption data as a centralized platform, leads to an improvement on service efficiency, stability and reliability.
    AMI System Components - Meter
    • Records consumption
    • Electric, water, gas, etc
    • Provide digital communication interface for data and event acquisition
    • DL645, DLMS, M-Bus, etc.
    AMI System Components - Meter Interface Unit
    • Meter Interface Unit (MIU)
    • Communicate with multiple meters with different standards
    • Collect meter readings and events from meters
    • Relay the meter data to Data Concentrator
    • Relay the meter data to Home Display Unit
    AMI System Components - Data Concentrator Unit
    • Collect all the meter data from MIUs
    • Exchange data/information between Central Station and MIUs
    • Exchange data/information between Central Station and HDUs (residential customers)
    • Storage of data
    • Network management
    AMI System Components - Central Station
    • Connect multiple DCUs
    • Data storage, analysis and report
    • System devices management
    • Data exchange interface
    • User management
    • Residential client communication interface