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ECO Partner Energy Management System
The ECOpartner is a stand alone energy management system with powerful capabilities to help you to make a positive change in energy-use. The ECOpartner includes a variety of functions designed to enhance your conservation and saving efforts.

The ECOpartner is both easy to install and user friendly that empowers you to take control of how you are spending your energy dollar and the environmental impact of your usage. The ECOpartner user interface shows your specific energy usage and how you are impacting the environment.

Using ECOpartner results in cost saving, energy savings, energy-use awareness, enhanced patterns of energy use, and conservation.

The system is composed of ENERGY AUDIT part and AUTOMATION CONTROL part. The energy audit part includes an CG504EMU Energy Manager to measure power usage. The automation control part includes Citygrow's ZigBeeNET home automation devices for on/off, dimming, temperature, fan speed control, .......etc.
What can you do with ECOpartner ?

1. Track circuits & appliances
Understand the major uses of energy in real-time, identify wastage and spot faulty

2. Time of use tracking
Understand when appliances and embedded generation were in use and spot
opportunities for change.

3. Real-time spend tracking
See a real-time estimate of your energy bill using your actual tariff

4. Track baseline, actual and forecast
Explain performance of energy management strategics and forecast likely outcomes.

5. Set budget alerts by device
Monitor whole of site or specific circuits, appliances or embedded generation.

6. Track a portfolio of sites
Track usage, even compare appliances, across a portfolio of sites, in real-time.

7. Accurate sub-billing
Create new revenue by on-selling grid electricity & embedded generation to tenants.

1. Set-and-forget control
Schedule appliances and devices to run at the most optimal time and even restrict
use to better manage spend.

2. Set scenes control
Scene control can simplify a series of on/off control actions for many devices everyday.

3. Sensor to help energy saving
Different kind of sensor, like motion, temperature, light, CO2 level, ..........etc will help
system to automatically control the on/off of the devices.
Energy Manager-CG504EMU
  • Energy audit.
  • Instance power. KWH information.
  • Stand alone device power audit.
  • Current detection.
  • Voltage detection.
  • Data logger.
  • Real time clock.
  • Internet connection.
  • Ethernet port for remote access.
  • Different types of current transformer (CT) available.
  • Easy to install.
  • Optional items
  • Single phase or poly phase.
  • KWH history data .
  • Energy consumption profile Warning signal and messages send to user if energy consumption is close to preset level.
  • Day, week, month, year history KWH/$ data report.
  • Working with Citygrow ZigBee system, extends
  • system functionality to allow control and timer function.
  • ZigBee Wireless communication.
  • Based on IEEE 802.15.4.
  • 2.4GHz radio frequency.
  • PC software supported.
  • Android, iPhone, iPad user interface.