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Citygrow provides home automation control systems, hotel room control units (RCU) systems, commercial automation control systems and utilities automatic meter reading (AMR) systems.

Hotel Room Control Unit (RCU) - SkyNET
SkyNET, a Hotel Room Control System, which is ideal for hotel project.

Room Control Unit (RCU) for hotel rooms management is one of the commercial applications utilized the SkyNET system as a one-stop solution. A centralized back-end system allows clients notifying room occupancy status, guest room scene status and energy usage information; additionally, it works as a remote control interface of the entire room control system. An intelligent RCU equipped with programming control logic installed in every guest room will be connected with the SkyNET master room control system. It is widely expandable and allows clients modifying or creating any lighting and scene settings of the rooms through the RCU, in a flexible and effective manner. Different series of control panels are available to best suit every different interior design styles.

SkyNET provides you smart and efficient solutions to assist in your commercial operations.
  • Working with Keycard holder
  • Housekeeping Service Panel ( Do Not Disturb/ Make Up Room)
  • Lighting Control with scene function
  • Lighting Control with dimming function
  • Air-conditioning Control with our customizable Thermostat CG100HTH
  • Fan Control
  • Curtain Control
  • Remote Control for TV
  • Movement sensor
  • Networking to Central Monitoring System
  • Automatic room energy saving with user programmable setback control
  • FCU control, welcome mode, occupied mode, unoccupied setback mode, not rented unoccupied setback control
  • Multiple setback control points for maximum energy saving
  • Optional for online monitoring and control for maximum room energy
  • Cost saving with compromise to guest comfort
  • Automatic sleep mode temperature control for optimum guest comfort and energy saving
  • ** All features descripted in this document are optional for selection on project base **
Lighting control
  • Lighting on/off control
  • Dimming for Incandescent, Halogen, Magnetic (Iron core, Inductive) Low Voltage (MLV) Transformers.
  • Leading Edge Dimmable Fluorescents, Compact Fluorescents and LEDs.
  • Minimum dimming level preset
  • Dimming curve adjustable
  • Memory dim function
  • Lighting scenes
  • The quantity of relay card and dimmer card are selectable for your project
  • Motorized curtain open/close control.
  • Roller blind up/down control.
  • Uniform, precision movement of multiple blinds.
  • Convenient one-touch control from keypad .
  • Single or dual curtain tracks control.
  • Presettable travelling distance that is flexible to match for different types of blinds/ curtain in the market.
  • Include curtain / blind into your lighting scenes.
Security and monitoring
  • 5 sensor inputs available for various kind of sensors.
  • Sensor detection for security or energy saving function.
  • Multiple motion sensors supported.
  • Working with HomeNET App, IP camera monitoring and remote control by mobile devices are supported.
Keycard detect (Hotel project)
  • Keycard detection for switching on the preset lighting scene
  • Keycard detection plus PIR motion detect, the system will automatically switch off unused electrical appliances to save energy.
Do not disturb (DND) and Make up room (MUR), (Hotel Project)
  • DND and MUR function can be assigned to any one button on the control panel.
  • DND and MUR status will be displayed on the doorbell switch panel.
  • DND and MUR status can be sent to the front desk through the LAN option, and so to provide instance service to guest.
Climate control
  • Thermostat with high, mid, low fan speed control.
  • Preset temperature and current room temperature display.
  • Fan coil control.
  • Infra-red type A/C control.
  • Working with Front Desk central control software, the front desk can operate the room A/C while guest check-in to provide better customer experience.
Infra-red control
  • Infra-red signal can be uploaded into the SkyNET system.
  • The IR control can be assigned to any one button on the wall mount control panel.
  • Wall mount control panel will become flexible designed for lighting, DND, MUR, A/C control plus IR AV equipment control.
Third party system interface
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Ethernet
Tailor make service for color and button icons