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Citygrow provides home automation control systems, hotel room control units (RCU) systems, commercial automation control systems and utilities automatic meter reading (AMR) systems.

Citygrow provides a series of wireless sensor devices for user to implement different specific functions.

It just needs to be smart, your house can monitor itself and let you know –whether you’re home or away-if something is awry.

With HomeNET app, you can access and monitor at your home or business from practically anywhere using a smart phone or tablet. You can receive messages on smart phone or tablet about the status of your system, so you are always in the know. Custom alerts such as “garden gate left open” or “ front entrance break-in”, allowing you to response quickly.
  • CG500MS is PIR Motion detecter.
  • CG500TEM is temperature and humidity sensor.
  • CG500DS is door sensor.
  • CG500VS is vibration sensor.
  • CG500CO2 is CO2 sensor.
  • CG500LS is light sensor.
  • CG500CT is current transformer
  • All these sensors can be integrated into Citygrow's App by using HomeNET planner software.
  • By using these sensors, you can automate your house by detecting the environmental conditions.
  • Futherrmore, by using these sensors, you can achieve energy monitoring and energy saving, or preset of alarm when preset sensor levels are reached.
  • ZigBee wireless remote control.
  • Based on IEEE 802.15.4.
  • 2.4GHz radio frequency.