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Citygrow provides home automation control systems, hotel room control units (RCU) systems, commercial automation control systems and utilities automatic meter reading (AMR) systems.

ZigBeeNET 2000 Wireless Hotel Room Control Unit (RCU)
ZigBeeNET Wireless Automation System differs from conventional wired systems, as it allows clients performing upgrade, modification or renovation projects in a neat and flexible way. It is highly advisable to most of the commercial control applications, for example, conference meeting rooms in business offices, lecture theatres in education institutes or dining restaurants.

This powerful wireless system saves clients from complicated steps, namely, wiring and rewiring, during installation. Clients configure the devices initially and create scene settings simply through the HomeNET Planner, an user-friendly PC-operated software system. With ZigBeeNET 2000 system, modules setup for creating a variety of scenes, controlling lighting, curtains or sockets, becomes a simple task. Additionally, it also supports different kinds of interface to facilitate the system integration, for example, the VRV interface for air-conditioning system, the infrared interface for audio and video devices, projecting devices, air-conditioners, etc., which satisfying most commercial control system requirements . Clients can design ones' own scenes with just one single touch on the control panels and modify the scenes or settings with our USB Dongles. To cope with the energy saving concept, ZigBee PIR Sensor is desirable for most commercial units.

A broad range of Citygrow control panels are available to best suit every specific design element.

  • Data communicates through ZigBee, based on the standard of IEEE 802.15.4
  • Data communicates through 2.4GHz radio frequency
  • Modular and wireless design, proven as flexible for different types of projects
  • Different types of module and control panel are available
  • Provides different module include: dimming module, relay module, 0-10V dimming interface, dry contact input module for sensors, IR control, curtain control, etc.
  • Performs lighting scenes with lighting on/off control, dimming, minimum dimming level setting, and dimming curve preset functions
  • Performs A/C control with thermostat and fan coil system control with high/mid/low speed, temperature preset functions
  • Motors electrical curtains, window blind open/close/stop control with user adjustable curtain travelling distance
  • Supports infrared device control, with infrared signal learning function
  • With selection of Do Not Disturb (DND), Make UP Room (MUR) and KeyCard detection modes for Hotel application
  • CG800 series light switch panel can be programmed with lighting scenes, A/C control, curtain control, DND, MUR or IR control
  • Button graphics on panels can be customized
  • Supports with remotely access through CG102BS-RCU
  • Offers with central system software allowing centralized control at front desk
  • Advisable for guestroom, lobby or public area installation
  • Easy to install
  • Highly recommended for site conducting new wiring or conduit is not performable
Lighting control
  • Lighting on/off control
  • Dimming for Incandescent, Halogen, Magnetic (Iron core, Inductive) Low Voltage (MLV) Transformers, Leading Edge Dimmable Fluorescents, Compact Fluorescents and LEDs
  • Minimum dimming level preset
  • Adjustable dimming curve
  • Memorize dim function
  • Lighting scenes
  • Switch module for on/off control
  • Dimming module for dimming function
  • Motorized curtain open/close control
  • Roller blind up/down control
  • Uniform, precision movement of multiple blinds
  • Convenient one-touch control from keypad
  • Single or dual curtain tracks control
  • Presettable travelling distance flexibly match with different types of blinds/ curtain in the market
  • Include curtain / blind into desirable lighting scenes
Security and monitoring
  • Sensor input module is available for various kinds of sensor
  • Sensor detection for security or energy saving function
  • Sensor module works on wireless IEEE802.15.4 standard
  • Supports multiple sensors
Keycard detect
  • Keycard detect to switch on the preset lighting scene
  • Remove keycard will automatically switch off all the room devices
Do not disturb (DND) and Make up room (MUR)
  • DND and MUR function can be assigned to any single button on the control panel
  • DND and MUR status will be displayed on the doorbell switch panel
  • DND and MUR status can be sent to the front desk through the LAN option
Climate control
  • Thermostat with high/mid/low fan speed control
  • Preset temperature and current room temperature display
  • Fan coil control
  • Infra-red type A/C control
  • Intelligent ventilation technology, switching on the fan coil for 10 minutes hourly when room is unoccupied, aims for saving huge energy as well as maintaining fresh air of the room
Infra-red control
  • Infra-red signal can be uploaded into the ZigBeeNET system, the IR control can be assigned to any single button on the wall mount control panel
  • Wall mount control panel will flexibly become transformed as lighting control plus IR AV equipment control
Third party system interface
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Ethernet
Tailor make service for color and light switch LED icons