Solution - Lighting Control -

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Lighting Control
Lighting is the vital in home interior design as it varies atmosphere of the whole environment. Projecting different styles of your home interior design as you desired, by creating different moods in every single room and floor at your home, to suit your daily lifestyle is just simple.

Apart from traditional mechanical touch on the on/off buttons, motion detection or light level senor detection, Citygrow lighting control system offers you a stylish and convenient way to master the lighting at your home. With this smart lighting control system, adding or modifying your home lighting arrangement, creating different lighting scenes to serve different needs in accordance to your personal desires, becomes neat and flexible.

  • Control lighting on/off
  • Perform dimming for LED, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, etc.
  • Preset of minimum dimming level
  • Control of dimming curve
  • Default dimming functions
  • Provide varies lighting scenes
  • Preset of "vacation" scene, operates a series of lighting events, projecting an "home-occupied" perception in an energy saving way
  • Compatible with DALI and DMX
  • 0 -10V linear dimming control
  • Leading edge dimming control
  • Different types of dimmer available ranging from 200W to 3000W
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