Solution - Shading Control -

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Shading Control
Shade protects us from excessive sunlight, protects our privacy and brings us a cozy atmosphere. Our shading control system allows you to roll and motor your curtains with just one click. Daily patterns and scenes creation save your valuable time. Mobile and one-touch keypad control working together with lighting and scene effects smartly suit every of your precious moments.
  • Control of curtains' open/close movement
  • Control of roller shades moving up/down
  • Control of blinds with different functions
  • Convenient one-touch control on keypad
  • Support mobile device control
  • Wired or wireless solutions are available
  • Compatible with single or dual curtain tracks control
  • Compatible with different blinds/curtains by setting shades to particular open/close distance
  • Shading control can be included in scene settings with CG100H4-MD mood control panel
  • Light sensor benefits with balance of mood and illuminate lighting automatically, as well as save of energy consumption
  • Controllable with HomeNET app in managing or scheduling shading circuits
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