New Product CG700 Touch Panel - Art Series & Standard Series

The perfect combination of art and technology - the new art series of light switch panels are launched

Light up your life with art, integrate paintings into the newly launched light switch panels, and add artistic atmosphere to your life.

Also can be customized: Allow users to integrate their favorite artworks or pattern designs into the light switch panels, increasing the individuality and uniqueness of the product. You can customize your own special switch panel according to your preferences and home style.

Among them, this light switch panel uses unique elements as the pattern design. Those tense lines and bright colors are vividly presented on your wall, as if the artwork itself is at your fingertips. Whether it is a living room, bedroom or kitchen, this panel can add a unique artistic charm to the space.

In addition to the revolutionary appearance design, our lighting switch panel is also not inferior in function. It adopts advanced touch technology and is sensitive and smooth to operate, bringing you a more intelligent and convenient lighting experience. With just a touch, you can flexibly adjust the lighting effects of various areas in the room to create a comfortable and warm lighting atmosphere.

We hope that through this lighting switch panel, you can find the existence of art in your life and light up the infinite possibilities in your life. You are welcome to experience this new product that combines art and technology in person!

Features include:

- Backlight trigger function: When the finger is approaching, the backlight will automatically trigger.

- Status display: Dual-color display light. When the button is on, it will display different colors to indicate the status.

- Safety and reliability: strong stability

- The color of the frame and button can be customized as required - Different patterns and patterns can be selected

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