CityGrow ICS Control System - Infinity Devices (Wired + Wireless)

CityGrow has recently developed a new hybrid control system, which perfectly combines its wireless control technology and wired control technology to achieve unlimited control of connected devices and all-round unlimited control.

The ICS infinity control system (PATENT PENDING) integrates CityGrow unique wireless control technology and wired control technology, and the number of connected devices can reach an unlimited number. This system not only retains the stability and security of the CityGrow wired control system, but also incorporates the flexibility and convenience of the wireless control system. Users can control the device through wired and wireless methods at the same time, which greatly improves the flexibility of operation and saves wire and installation costs. CityGrow ICS infinity control system also has wireless communication technology, realizing wireless control and remote setting and monitoring functions. Users can remotely set up and control the device anytime and anywhere simply through their computer, mobile phone or tablet. At the same time, this system also has powerful data analysis and management capabilities, which can help users better control the operating status of the equipment.

The ICS infinity control system can be widely used in industrial and commercial buildings, hotels, building management, housing estates, smart homes and other fields, and can meet the control needs under different circumstances. Compared with the traditional single control method, it has greater adaptability and flexibility, bringing a new experience to users.

CityGrow stated that it will continue to improve and optimize this system in the future to provide users with more intelligent and efficient control solutions, help various industries achieve digital transformation, and improve management efficiency.

Featured features include:

- Integrated use of wired and wireless systems greatly improves flexibility

- Unlimited number of connected devices

- Greatly save wire and installation costs

- Remote setting function allows you to modify and maintain the system remotely

- The system is designed to operate normally without the Internet

- Control the operating status of your equipment at any time

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