Citygrow has been participating in exhibitions of different sizes to promote our systems and technologies in different countries, regions, companies and other fields.

It has also won good comments and reputation in the industry, and issued a representative certificate, which is very popular in the industry.

Hong Kong Spring Lighting Fair

CITYGROW participated in the "Hong Kong Spring Lighting Fair" held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in April 2023.

As a leader in the field of system technology, he actively participated in this exhibition, showing different system solutions and comprehensive customer service and scene solutions. The booth attracted the attention of many visitors and was eye-catching.

During the exhibition period, we are sincerely invited by HKTDC to give lectures to selected guided tour groups. We introduce the company's services and product advantages to tour groups and visitors, and conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges with customers. In addition, the company's technical team also explained the operation and effect of the system on site, which attracted the interest of many visitors and received great praise.

Through this exhibition, it has successfully communicated with many industry elites from different industries to understand market needs, and has also received praise and cooperation intentions from many parties, demonstrating its excellent products and technical capabilities.

Courtyard by Marriott Sha Tin Car Park Project

The Shatian Courtyard Courtyard Hotel parking lot project was completed, and the project added innovative functions such as lighting control, APP control, time scheduling and activity sensing.

The lighting control system can centrally control the lighting of the parking lot, so that the owner can adjust the brightness level according to different times and actual needs. This feature optimizes energy consumption and saves money for car park owners.

The time scheduling feature automatically controls lights according to a preset schedule.

The APP control function enables the user to conveniently manage the parking lot operation through the smartphone, obtain the available information of the parking lot in real time, and all these functions can be completed on the mobile phone. This greatly improves the user experience, and also makes the operation of the parking lot more convenient and efficient.


CITYGROW won the "2023 Most Trusted Hotel Energy Management System Supplier" award from LUX Life Magazine, an international luxury life and travel publication.

This award is a testament to our innovative ability to deliver innovative and superior energy management solutions to the hospitality industry. With its advanced technology and holistic approach, the company has assisted hotels around the world in optimizing their energy consumption and reducing their environmental impact.

Energy management systems can be seamlessly integrated with a hotel's existing infrastructure and provide real-time monitoring and control of energy-consuming equipment such as lighting, heating and air conditioning. The system incorporates advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities to analyze energy usage patterns, identify inefficient items and suggest optimizations, resulting in significant cost savings for hoteliers.

Management systems are widely used in hotels of all sizes, from boutique hotels to large international hotel chains. By optimizing energy use, hotels can not only reduce operating costs, but can also improve their sustainability credentials and attract environmentally conscious guests.

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