Hotel Guest Room Management

Hotel guest room management solutions facilitate efficient hotel management and upgrade guest experience. As the integration partner of Oracle Hospitality OPERA, CityGrow Guest Room Control System enables simplified guest room management procedures, enhances cost-effectiveness and suits any operational requirements. A broad range of elegant products complement every hotel guest room design, satisfy your needs and expectations.

"Check-in" signal received from the system, preset “Welcome Mode” automatically activates in the guest room, creating proper lighting, shading and climate effects welcoming guest for a pleasant stay.

Guest can customize personal desired scene settings, make everything just the way to fit one’s taste and style, for the comfort and convenience.

Provide intimate and unforgettable hotel stay experience. Enable guest to change scenario and atmosphere by switches or App, to enjoy every precious moment.

Manage guest rooms and monitor guest room status on a centralized platform, effectively simplify operating procedures, enhance hotel management efficiency.

"Make up room" status is on. Housekeeping is required.

Guest room "Unoccupied", turn off all lightings and adjust climate effect, to maintain an ideal condition for guest’s return and simultaneously reduce energy consumption.

Guest room status showing "Check-out", limit room lighting and climate control to save energy.

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