CityGrow Home Automation System

Our smart home automation solutions are designed to comfort your life with great convenience.

Customize your automation system to reflect your personal lifestyle. A broad range of delicate and stylish products cater to diverse interior designs, match your requirements and expectations.

Lighting Control

Lighting enhances aesthetic effects and creates ambiance in interior architecture.

Climate Control

Maintain right humidity and ideal temperature for real comfort.

Shading Control

Shade protects us from excessive sun exposure, protects our privacy and brings us a cozy atmosphere.

Motor your curtains and shades when desired or smartly control shading effect by light sensors.

Audiovisual Control

Enjoy audiovisual entertainment with smart comfort.

Enjoy seamless smart home audiovisual experience with a full integration of multiple devices. Simply control your home theatre, play your favourite music with your fingertip.

Mobile Control

Users can use mobile phone applications to remotely control your home equipment and scenes to create an indoor atmosphere. Easily control every corner of your home.

Voice Control

New experience of contactless control.

The system can seamlessly connect smart speakers that support different languages. Allows you to control lighting effects, curtain opening and closing, room temperature and various electrical equipment through sound, and enjoy the ease and convenience brought by non-contact control.

Panel Design

CityGrow panels can be made into artworks that best demonstrate your personal taste in life according to your favorite materials or colors and match your unique decoration style. The panel button with backlight allows you to customize the laser engraving text or pattern, making each panel unique.

Smart Mini Remote

Allows you to easily and quickly control the lighting switch, scene, video and audio or other equipment in the area.

Scene Control

Choose the suitable scenario, master your home atmosphere, and satisfy your every precious moment.

Easy to install

It does not take up space and expands a large area for installation.

The system adopts the uniquely developed self-organizing network wireless technology.Each panel and component has a micro-processor which can operate independently and can work normally without a WI-FI network. The installation does not require wiring or modification of any indoor decoration.

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