Home Automation

Our smart home automation solutions are designed to comfort your life with great convenience. Customize your automation system to reflect your personal lifestyle. A broad range of delicate and stylish products cater to diverse interior designs, match your requirements and expectations.

Preset room temperature, lighting and shading effects, and play your favourite music, create your unique cozy living environment. CityGrow smart home automation system allows you to control on lighting, climate, shading, AC outlet, audiovisual devices and sensors effortlessly.

Lighting Control

Lighting enhances aesthetic effects and creates ambiance in interior architecture.

Home automation system intelligently brightens or dims the lights, controlling by motion or light sensors.

Smartly illuminate your comfort and convenience.

Climate Control

Maintain right humidity and ideal temperature for real comfort.

Customize your scheduled temperature setups or simply control your home climate by temperature and humidity sensors.

Shading Control

Shade protects us from excessive sun exposure, protects our privacy and brings us a cozy atmosphere.

Motor your curtains and shades when desired or smartly control shading effect by light sensors.

AC Outlet Control

Your home, your design, your choice.

Highly flexible design. Add, rearrange or manage multiple devices at your choice.

Audiovisual Control

Enjoy audiovisual entertainment with smart comfort.

Enjoy seamless smart home audiovisual experience with a full integration of multiple devices. Simply control your home theatre, play your favourite music with your fingertip.

Simplify your everyday life, reflect your personality.

Manage home lighting, climate and shading effects smartly, enjoy comfort and convenience.

Sensors make a different living experience.

Smart home automation system monitors and controls your home with sensors, outdoor lights automatically switch on when you are back after dark, brightening your way home.

Garden lights smartly switch off when morning comes, to save energy consumption.

Just tell Alexa to switch off the lightings, close the curtains and adjust room temperature to your desired temperature for a sweet dream.

"Alexa, turn on sleep mode!"

Choose the suitable scenario, master your home atmosphere, and satisfy your every precious moment.

"Party Mode" is on, have fun!

"Away Mode"

Simply switch off all home appliances with just a touch of your finger, even when you are already on the way.

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