Building Management

Our compact building management solutions are specially designed to enhance corporate management efficiency and cost effectiveness, in every business environment. Manage business operations with smart automation technology, boost productivity with reduced energy consumption and costs. Create a comfortable business environment in a convenient way.


Simply schedule lighting, climate and shading effects at any business workplace and commercial environment, make everything ready for work is just simple. You can always control your smart system on a centralized platform, a switch, our App or your voice, at anywhere.

Corporate Office

Educational Institution

Retail Outlet & Restaurant

Shopping Center


Customize your building management system, allocate lightings and HVAC system by control zone to enhance energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and save operational costs. Smartly monitor the control zones with multiple sensors to save energy in empty workplaces, unoccupied hallways and vacant public space. Automatically dim or switch off the lights and turn down part of the HVAC system when motion is not detected within the zone.



Public space

Lecture theatre

Highly efficient

Smart building management solutions enable you to customize various scenarios, satisfy your different business requirements. Save your valuable time in the recent fast-paced environment.

Get the conference room ready simply by your fingertip, activate “Presentation Mode” to dim the lights, close the window shades and switch on the projector in one go.

The sun is setting, activate “Evening Mode” in restaurant to create the right atmosphere for diners.

Easy management

Smart system simplify business management procedures, control various devices on a centralized platform, you can switch on all the lightings with a fingertip. Smartly monitor the devices status and energy consumption conditions on the platform, save manpower and efforts to carry out on-site spot checking.

Smartly monitor the lightings status at multi-storey car park, save manpower and efforts.

Turn on all lights and HVAC system automatically, get the whole shopping center ready to open by system scheduling. Time to rest, use one finger to control all.


Our wireless system is highly flexible and widely expandable, you can add new smart devices when required to raise system effectiveness. Smart automation solutions supports seamless 3rd party application integration, centralize control save your effort and time.

Add light sensors and automated thermostats to adjust lighting and climate effects automatically.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing HVAC system, control everything on one platform with high flexibility.

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