Energy Management

Energy conservation improves our quality of life. Energy management solutions highly contribute in energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Monitor energy consumption, calculate specific electricity expenditure and analyze power usage data, achieving the international ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) objectives, effectively benefit to strategic planning. Live green. Save the planet.

Energy Management system enables household and commercial users to monitor energy usage and manage electricity performance. Smartly analyze power consumption data, clearly reflect electric energy effectiveness, for a simple low carbon lifestyle.

Clearly understand energy performance and consumption patterns empower you to make more effective business decisions. View the categorized and grouped energy consumption reports with advanced data analysis, highly contribute in cost management and strategic planning.

Energy management system is fully compatible with our smart automation systems and supports seamless 3rd party application integration, building a complete solution for better living.

You can take more control tracking on energy consumption with our energy management system. When energy abnormalities occurred and reported, the system will snapshot real-time energy usage record and alert you immediately through the mobile App.

Monitor electric energy consumption in commercial kitchen, acquire clear cost calculation for efficient business decisions.

Smartly control light, shading and climate effects with our automation system in the restaurant, monitor electricity usage to enhance cost-effectiveness and save energy.

To enhance awareness of energy conservation and encourage green living style, we organize energy saving education programmes for primary and secondary students. Through various practical and interactive STEM learning programmes, spread the importance of energy conservation to the next generation.

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