Hotel Management System

Citygrow provides both wired and wireless solutions, which can be used flexibly according to actual needs.
The system adopts a modular design, which is easy to install and can be freely combined with different functions. The module contains a self-test function, which can greatly reduce maintenance time.

The system can also use sensors including door magnets, motion sensors and cooperate with the OPERA system to monitor whether the guests go out and control the lights, curtains, and air-conditioning temperature to achieve the purpose of comfort and energy saving. At the same time, it can also record the environmental data in the room as a hotel For analysis and maintenance purposes.

Citygrow tailor-made bedside control panels for hotels to match the style of their rooms. To match the decoration style of the hotel.

The system can be connected with Oracle Hospitality OPERA and other management systems to effectively improve cost efficiency and fully meet operational needs.

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Lighting Control

Professional lighting control technology can create a distinctive lighting effect for you.

- Controllable switch on/off, Phase-Dim and 0-10V lighting control

- With 0-100 levels refined dimming

- Minimum and maximum luminosity levels are supported for different luminaires

- The timing sequence of fade-in and fade-out can be configurable of independently to synchronize the light and shade of different luminaires

- Controllable lighting color temperature adjustment to create different ambient atmospheres

The system can preset your favorite lighting mode to create a distinctive lighting effect for your home life.

Climate Control

The CityGrow system can control any cold/heater using IR remote control, VRF/VRV air conditioning system, FCU air conditioning system and other different equipment. You can also control the air conditioner in your home anytime and anywhere on the App through the remote control function.

Shading Control

System can control different types of curtains, such as track curtain, roller curtains, Venetian curtains, and also can be connected with different types of curtain motors. The curtains style can be selected according to your preference, which is very agile.

Panel Design

Citygrow offer exquisite metal or plastic panels with backlight function in a variety of colors, which can be customized to match hotel’s decoration styles.

Automation Control

Automation not only brings convenient and comfortable environment, but also can save energy, reduce power consumption and cost.
By sensing the brightness of sunlight through sensors, the system will automatically adjust the brightness of lamps and the shielding degree of curtains for you to improve the comfort level and reduce the demand for electricity.
It will combine personal preference with indoor and outdoor environmental data for analysis and adjust automatically it to the most comfortable indoor temperature and luminosity. It can also maintain the temperature, humidity and air quality of the home as the weather changes, such as continuous dehumidification, air purification or air cooling and heating equipment.

Scene Control

The panel can freely set different combinations of personalized scenes, and can also easily preset your favorite lighting modes/scenes through the App to adjust the atmosphere and effect at any time to meet your every important moment.

Easy install & settings

The system adopts a modular design. In case of loss, you only need to replace the loss module without wiring, and it can be installed and used immediately.

It is also possible to set and update software remotely, which is simple and convenient.

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