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Wireless Smart Home

Exquisite taste panels, combined with intelligent automation solutions, bring you a comfortable living experience.

Customize your home system to meet your design taste.

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Wired Solution

The powerful wired control system can switch between different application needs and cooperate with the cloud remote management interface to easily realize management automation.

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Hotel Management

The perfect room intelligence solution designed for elegant and fashionable hotels.

Optimize the room management program and enhance the guest's stay experience.

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Energy Management

We can provide you with the most suitable energy management solution according to the actual needs of customers in different environments, helping to effectively improve management efficiency.

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System features of Citygrow

Citygrow’s wireless and wired smart control systems are now widely used in residential, commercial, major hotels and parking lots. The products from the software, appearance, machinery, electronics, assembly are produced in the own workshop to ensure quality and stability and reliability.

The wireless system adopts the exclusive self-bridging network technology, which can transmit over long distances. The panel comes with a switch function and a microprocessor, which can operate independently and can work normally without network.

The wired system adopts a 485 modular design, freely combining different functions to control up to 250 modules or more. The two systems allow customers to flexibly apply to various engineering projects.

The system has powerful functions, which can control and set various types of lamps, air conditioning, curtains, audio and video and other different equipment. It also has energy monitoring function, allowing customers to adjust their usage habits. With the sensor, it can automatically adjust the light, curtain shading and temperature to achieve the most comfortable environment and the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

Users can use mobile phones or computers to remotely control and freely set different scene combinations. Users can also use voice or mini remote control device to control the equipment, making it easier and more convenient to use.

There are exquisite metal or plastic panels with backlight function in a variety of color choices to match different decoration styles. We provide free text or pattern customization service for you. You can define the text of each button by yourself or choose the favorite pattern from our gallery, or design the text or pattern for us to create a unique personal style for you.

It is easy to install and setup. The software can be set and updated remotely. It has self-test function and can test whether the wiring is perfect during installation. Its modular design is for easy replacement and repair.

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